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Tips To Sell Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your own home, you have a task ahead of you. It is no different than applying to school, getting a new job, or meeting new friends Рit is difficult. Luckily, there are online resources that can make thins better. There is a great article with Tips How To Sell Your Own Home. The site also has a blog which is great to use.

The advice in the blog follows a lot of the advice which has been already provided here, such as cleaning and decluttering your home, staging your home, getting professional photography done, as well as many other great ideas that can help you buy and sell your home.

In addition to the blog, there is also a great site. The site itself also provides a very clean and modern interface. Unlike other selling privately sites, homenova allows private home sellers to list their home on their own. The site provides various listings, mostly in the Toronto area.

Using homenova, you can see what other private home sellers are doing in their homes. What features they have. How they price their house, the location of their homes and the walk score. Based on such criteria, you may be able to price your home better. In addition, you can login and create your own listing. Homenova has 6 different steps that have to be taken in order to list your home.

The first step is basic information about your home, such as the home size and lot size.

The second step is your home location.

The third step is your photos (once again, I highly recommend to get professional photography to help you sell your home.

The fourth step is features of your home.

The fifth step is your description.

The sixth step is your price.

that’s it. You are all set. I found that once the listing is set, it is worthwhile to come back and check your messages to see if somebody was interested in your house. The system is supposedly responsible also for filtering unwanted solicitation and spam by preventing real estate agents from bugging you. They have to certify that they will only contact you with buyers, or otherwise, they would get banned. Solicitation is one of the issues when listing on sites such as kijiji or craigslist, where everybody can message everybody. Homenova requires registration which helps to minimize unwanted solicitation. All accounts are validated using a phone number.

Of course, the main reason that this site is recommended here is that it is free. Unlike property guys or comfree, there is no fee to list your home. Homenova is not a brokerage but simply a tool that you can use on your own.

The site is also supposed to feature a store, and there is a promotion until June 2016 for referrals where both the referee and the referral get $20 in store credit.

The site also humanizes home sellers by providing profiles with pictures, where you can talk to people with their names and photos instead of a user name.



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